Broken Washer!

Yesterday the washer broke and for me it was extremely frustrating.  It is not because money is tight so getting it fixed or having to get a new one will be tough.  It is not because I love to do laundry or I love seeing my wife do laundry.  Why then you might ask am I frustrated?  I found it frustrating that I am not a handyman.

I got very frustrated when I could not fix it.  I want to be handy and be able to fix it and not just it but other things that break.  I have friends who can seemingly fix anything that breaks.  These friends are the type that never have to call repair people because they either know how to fix thing or just figure it out.  That is who I want to be but it is not me.

I was actually grumpy yesterday afternoon because of this.  During that grumpy time is when God reminded me this:  I have given you gifts and abilities that are unique to you.  I began to think about this and how God has gifted me in a variety of areas and just because I can not fix a broken washer or  any other appliance or even a broken down car does not mean I am any less a man or any less useful.

I began to think about this verse:  Romans 12:4  – Now as we have many parts in one body, and all the parts do not have the same function,. And then about this one: 1 Corinthians 12:4 –  Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit;

I was reminded by God how boring of a world this would be if everyone had the same gifts and talents as I have.  I was also reminded that everything would remain broken .  So I have decided to embrace the things that God has blessed me with as well as embrace what I am not.  This is not to say I can not learn things but overall it is not who I am.  I like the part of the body that God has me functioning in and I am grateful to have what gifts and abilities that I am able to use.

So are you a handyman?  Do you ever get frustrated because you are not gifted to do everything?  What are your thoughts?

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2 responses to “Broken Washer!

  • Judi Cosby

    Jim, you are at about the age I was when I realized that no, I couldn’t fix everything that went wrong and learned to call a repairman to do the job when things were out of my league. It might cost me a little $$$ but would save me a lot of time! “Coming of age” is a factor with tinkering along with many other things! And just think…if everyone liked to hunt or fish or play golf or whatever, it would be a very busy but uninteresting world! However, if everyone liked going to church, we would have to draw lots to get a seat and we would have more preachers, organists, pianists, than we would know what to do with! (That being the only good thing about all being in one accord!!)Just the thought of everyone loving to go to church excites me!

  • j4man

    I would love to see Christ become something people were more drawn too – I would love to see full churches all over!

    Thanks for the comment Judi!

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